• 13 March 2019

Egyptian Christian will speak of realities of persecution at St Patrick’s Festival

‘Michael Jones’ an Egyptian Christian, will speak of the realities of persecution in Down Cathedral on bank holiday Monday, 18 March. He is taking part in our annual St Patrick’s Day Festival.

The theme this year is “Counting the Cost – Standing with the Persecuted Church” and the President of Open Doors UK & Ireland, Eddie Lyle, will speak at the earlier service in Saul.

Christians in Egypt face daily discrimination in education and the workplace, and some churches have been subjected to violent attacks. 

‘Michael’, whose real identity must be protected, is working with ministry partners to strengthen the church and teach Egyptian Christians to stand through persecution and pressure. 

He says: “In spite of the pressure and limitations from society and the authorities, the church in general is growing with a lot of ministry going on. The evangelical church is facing lot of opposition but is seeing a lot of joy and victory as well.”

He continues: “We should not be surprised when we hear of persecution against God’s people. We need to stand together and speak out with conviction about Biblical truth in love, humility and unity in the body.”

Michael will speak at the Festival Service in Down Cathedral (11.45 am) and Eddie Lyle will speak at the service of Holy Communion at Saul (9.15 am). The Prayer Pilgrimage from Saul to Downpatrick will also focus on the persecuted church. 

A free hot lunch will be served in a marquee in the cathedral grounds after the Festival Service. 

All are welcome! Find out more at this link