• 05 December 2018

Dean of Down calls for prayer for Brexit vote

The Very Revd Henry Hull, Dean of Down, has encouraged churches to prayer as Brexit is debated and voted upon. He said:

“It is obvious to all that at the moment the UK is going through a time of unprecedented political turmoil and uncertainty.

No matter what our personal preference might be, the outcome of the current parliamentary debate and Brexit vote on 11 December will have significant implications for the UK and the EU. 

The clergy in Lecale Area Mission Partnership feel it is important to pray for God’s mercy on our land. 

To that end, St Margaret’s, Hollymount (Down Parish) and Down Cathedral will be open on 11 December for prayer (9.30 am –5.30 pm) and specific times of led prayer will be arranged at 12 noon and 5.30 pm.

Please join us if you can or consider opening your own church specifically to pray at this crucial time in our history.”