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The campers are here!

The campers are here!

Monday 09 July 2018

Our first day with campers is over. Here are a few thoughts on the day from team member Beth, who will be working on overnight camp this week:

With the jetlag starting to fade today’s early start was slightly more managable, after attending this morning’s communion service in Christ the King Church we continued preparations for the campers arrival for ‘Penguins and Polar Bears’ week. 

Taking Father Mark’s message of stepping out of our ‘Christian bubbles’ and doing something active with our love for God, our team members have all been assigned various roles in supporting the team of staff here at Beaver Cross.

This afternoon as campers began to arrive the sun was shining and there was an air of excitement throughout the cabins as returning young people were reunited, mixed with a few nervous first time campers– much like myself!

Very quickly after the campers settled in and our team members got to grips with the confusing timetable of activities we were all having fun trying out some team bonding games such as the exhausting but thrilling ‘human foosball’. 

After our much needed dinner everyone regrouped for worship led by some of the Ameican staff as well as our own Northern Irish musicians and teaching from Deacon Laura and Father John, clergy from the Diocese who act as Chaplains for the week. During this time together it was great to see the campers listen intently when not long ago they were saying reluctant goodbyes to their parents.

Then the madness that was a game of ‘Braveheart’ began with the overnight campers and staff whilst the day camp team were meeting to plan and organise the events of the coming day. I found the energy of the young people absolutely contagious which we’ll be needing to continue the next two weeks at the same pace of today.

This evening ended with Compline, a service of prayer and worship in the outdoor chapel within the beautiful grounds of Beaver Cross. Looking around past the lightening bugs at the children and staff praising God together has made me even more excited for the rest of the trip will bring and the work God is doing here in the Albany Diocese. 


8 July 2018

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