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Albany leader Adrian is ‘very proud’ of the team

Albany leader Adrian is ‘very proud’ of the team

Friday 13 July 2018

Hi everyone…sorry that there’s no blog post from a young person again today…the truth is that there’s not a lot of spare time at Camp for them to write. Hopefully, we’ll get a few thoughts from some of the team at the weekend, but for now here’s a little update…

Beaver Cross operates two simultaneous Camps at the Spiritual Life Centre – a Day Camp (kindergarten to yr8 approx) and an overnight camp (the age range for overnight camp while we’re here is Middle School but that varies over the Summer).  Our team is divided between these camps, with a couple also being involved in programme support, which effectively means providing logistics for the two camps.

Each morning begins with a time of worship and teaching called ‘Good Morning God’ followed by different activities. Some of these activities are undertaken for the whole week and classed as skilled eg Tae Kwan Do, Sport (this week’s skilled sport is rugby, ably taught by Adam and Andrew), Arts and Crafts. Other activities change over the course of the week and range from swimming to fishing to meeting the Cashmere goats tended by the Nuns who live on site. Of course meals are important and both camps have a range of other games like capture the flag and goldrush, which is kind of a treasure hunt. Overnight Camp also ends each day with worship before devotions in the Cabins. 

Compared to Down and Dromore’s camps, the days here start much earlier (campers from overnight gather at 7.40am and dropoff for daycamp is 7.30am) but also end much earlier (lights out for middle camp pvernight is 9.30pm for kids and 11pm for staff). Of course, at the heart of the busy programme of activities is the chance to build relationships. Beaver Cross is well staffed and so we as a team are trying to be as useful as possible…and having a few more leaders around seems to allow time for some really valuable conversations with Campers.

I know a lot of parents and family of team members will read this, and I want to tell you how wonderful the members of this team are. They are keen to learn, mostly keen to listen (and happy to be reminded to listen!) and genuinely engaged with the programme here. In this first week, which ends tomorrow, I’ve seen them make wise decisions, forge relationships of true value with campers and other staff and stretch themselves, going outside their comfort zones when asked. I’m very proud of them as a leader, and I know you as their families will be as well.

Although both camps end tomorrow (Friday), the weekend will see some of the campers staying over (as they’ve signed up for two weeks), but the atmosphere at the weekend with as many leaders as children will be quite different. Much of Saturday will be spent at a theme park and water park.

Please continue to pray for the team, for energy, for growth in existing friendships and the development of new ones and for the Spirit’s power and strength when they face challenges. Pray also for the goodbyes that will be said to some campers tomorrow – never an easy thing! It is an exciting and positive experience, being here at Beaver Cross, but it is hard being away from home, especially when the news from home is not always good. While we continue to be blessed by your prayers, we have been praying for ‘Our wee country’ and for the peace of God to reign.

Adrian D

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