• 27 August 2017

Meet Revd Stuart Moles

On 27 August 2017, Revd Stuart Moles was ordained for the curacy of Seagoe.

Most people call me ‘Molar’ and I’m from Lurgan. Before being ordained I was a youth worker for over 8 years and prior to this I studied theology at Queen’s University Belfast.

As a young boy I was actively involved in my home church in Lurgan (Hill Street Presbyterian) and at 14 I became a Christian after a Scripture Union weekend. That decision radically changed my life and as I tried to listen to God’s guiding in my life I found myself in places I did not expect to be. 

I had no notion of studying theology at university, but I felt the call of God to go down this road. Then I had no real interest or experience in youth work until my final semester and again I felt a leading from God to go down that path.

As a youth worker many people encouraged me to consider ordained ministry, something which I had always shied away from. However, through talking with my bishop I felt that it was a door I should push. Looking back over my life I see how each decision to trust God led to this one. 

The process therefore is not one I have undertaken lightly but it is one that has blessed me greatly. The opportunity to study again, whilst at times difficult, has been rewarding. I have met some incredible people along the way and have formed friendships that will last for some time. 

The absolute privilege of serving others in ministry has blessed me and taught me so much. Now, after my deacon intern year in St Patrick’s Greystones (Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough), I look forward to taking up my post as curate in Seagoe Parish and serving the people of Portadown.