• 27 August 2017

Meet Revd Christopher St John

On 27 August 2017, Revd Christopher St John was ordained for the curacy of Dundela.

I was born in Derry/Londonderry but moved at a young age to Newtownabbey where I grew up within the Church of the Holy Spirit in Mossley. I was confirmed there when I was 13 and regularly attended the church services and emerging youth fellowship. At 16 I began attending a youth fellowship in St Bridget’s and connected with the gospel. 

On 1st January 1983 I asked Jesus to take charge of my life, realising I was a sinner in need of the salvation he offered. The day I committed my life to Jesus I can honestly say I felt truly born again, and I became increasingly aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit within my life. Telling others about Jesus and participating in praise and worship became the most important aspects of my life.

I met my wife Andrea at school and at 21 years of age we were married. We have lived in Holywood for over twenty years and we have three children all of whom are now in their twenties. 

For many years I worked in public protection safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and teaching others in these spheres. As time went on I felt that the time was right to enter the ordained ministry – a call I first sensed aged 18. I strongly believe that every one of us has unique ministries and God can call each one of us to radically alter the direction of our lives at any stage.  

It was been a real blessing to serve my year as a deacon intern at Holy Trinity, Woodburn. I believe this was a solid preparation for my forthcoming curacy at St Mark’s Dundela.

In my free time I enjoy grappling sports. I have black belts in eight different martial arts and recently achieved a 4th dan In Judo and a 6th dan in Jujitsu. I still have the desire to compete, but these days it’s wiser to stick to coaching. I also love the Italian language and culture and restore vespas when I have the time.