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Diocesan Evangelists are making their mark

Diocesan Evangelists are making their mark

Friday 18 August 2017

In 2014 we introduced training for Diocesan Evangelists as one strand of our leadership development programme, and the initiative is bearing fruit around the diocese.

Two classes have completed the 2 year distance–learning based course (accredited by St John’s College, Nottingham) and 7 individuals will hopefully finish in early 2018.

Here’s an update on the 13 evangelists (in alphabetical order) who have already been commissioned and sent out into the diocese by Bishop Harold.

Colin Birney (above right) has been volunteering in St Clement’s in East Belfast and from 1st September the church will employ him as their full–time outreach worker. Colin will be responsible for developing a wide range of new programmes to reach the local community for Christ and see them connected into the local church.

David Charleton is the Parish Evangelist in Christ Church Kilkeel and is training others there to share their faith. He has also established a network of prayer triplets in the parish.

Janet FlemingJanet Fleming (right) is employed part–time by Down Cathedral as an outreach worker amongst the many tourists who visit the cathedral.

Jim Fleming has just commenced employment in Seagoe Parish, Portadown, to help bring fresh vision and growth to the congregation that meets in St Patrick’s Hall, Killicomaine.

Simon Henry serves voluntarily in Moira Parish.

James Hardy and Robert Graham are currently licensed for a year to serve across the diocese as evangelists at large.

Rachel IrishRachel Irish (right)serves on a voluntary basis as Community Pastor in Mount Merrion Parish, Belfast.

Wesley Johnston works voluntarily as an evangelist in the Parish of St John’s Orangefield, and is involved in a wide range of activities there.

Susan McFarland is employed full–time and heads up the outreach work at Braniel Community Church, a church planted in the Braniel estate in December 2013.

John Menagh has recently been commissioned as a Church Army evangelist, having also completed the Diocesan Evangelist training course. He’s employed full–time by Willowfield Parish Community Association (WPCA) as the Outreach Coordinator.

Lesley McKeague serves on a voluntary basis alongside John Menagh as a Diocesan Evangelist for WPCA.

Ian Morton has served as an evangelist in Hope Community Church Craigavon and also works across the diocese as a Diocesan Evangelist.

There will be a new intake for the Diocesan Evangelists training course in the autumn and if you sense a calling to this role please chat to your rector. You can find out more about the training by emailing the course coordinator,Capt George Newell.


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