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Tribute to Cecil Maxwell (Down Cathedral)

Tribute to Cecil Maxwell (Down Cathedral)

Friday 07 July 2017

Bishop Harold Miller pays tribute to Cecil Maxwell (Down Cathedral) who died on 7 July 2017. 

“I cannot imagine Down Cathedral without the presence of Cecil Maxwell. He was a most welcoming and caring person, and served in local politics with the Ulster Unionist Party during the most difficult of times in this province. Cecil was loved and respected by so many across the community, and was an ardent worker for reconciliation and peace in this province.

The phrase I will remember most from Cecil is his description of Down Cathedral as “The Jerusalem of Ireland”. As he saw the pilgrimage services each year with the people gathering to the hill of Down to remember the witness of Patrick, he would be very emotional, seeing something of his vision before his eyes. A godly, Christian man, whose Lord has taken him to himself.”

+Harold, Down & Dromore

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