• 22 June 2016

Bishop Harold: 3 things to remember as we vote

Many of you, like me, will have spent long hours listening to the arguments on both sides of the Referendum debate. You have tried to weigh things up, wondered what future is best for the UK, and sought to get behind the ‘heat’ of many of the debates to find some ‘light’ in these important matters. You may also, like me, have found yourself frustrated in the search to find out what is truth and what is myth, and to resist the fear–mongering which has gone on on both sides.

On 23 June, all of us are invited to come off the fence and make a judgement in the matter as we cast our vote. There are some things we would do well to remember:

First, we might well offer a prayer of thanksgiving that we live in a democratic society, where our vote really counts, and where we can freely and safely exercise it. A vote is a valuable commodity!

Second, we might well offer a prayer for wisdom, as we make our decision. This is the kind of decision usually delegated to Parliament alone. The referendum gives us a sense of the vital and life–changing decisions with which we entrust our politicians, and on which we often comment from the safe distance of not having to make them ourselves. Now it is our turn.

Third, we might intercede with God that his sovereignty would reign above all other sovereignties in this knife–edge of a vote. A lot hangs on this, and, whatever the outcome, we will have issues to face. May God be the one clearly and finally in control!

Then, as the slogan says, ‘Just do it’. Cast your vote according to your God given conscience and accept the outcome with grace.

Down & Dromore