• 18 August 2015

South Sudan peace deal fails – please continue to pray

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has failed to sign a peace deal in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, aimed at ending the civil war in his country.

The government has initialled a draft agreement, but requested a further 15 days before signing in full.

International sanctions had been threatened by mediators if both sides failed to reach an agreement on Monday 17 August.

Jenny Smyth, Mission Director, CMS Ireland, recently visited Uganda where she also met Bishop Justin of our link diocese of Maridi and his family (right). 

“Thank you to those who continue to abide with us in prayer for the two countries of Sudan and South Sudan. 

“The META team from St John’s Moira heading for Ibba diocese, South Sudan, has had their trip postponed until January 2016, but this is very provisional as the security situation within South Sudan is still very worrying. For updates please see the BBC Africa news link, and for a deeper analysis from the BBC here.

“During my recent visit to Uganda I was able to meet up with Bishop Justin from Maridi who is currently studying for a Doctor of Ministry at Uganda Christian University in Mukono. Bishop Justin has decided to return to Maridi with Mama Joyce, until Christmas, postponing one module of his studies, so that he can be present in the diocese at this time of uncertainty. Please pray for his children who will remain in boarding schools in Mukono.

“Insecurity continues across the north and around our partners in Maridi, Yambio and Ezo. People are still moving towards the towns where they feel safer at nights, fearing random attacks in the rural areas. In Ibba town a senior police Lieutenant and his wife were killed. These incidents cause distrust of the army, build resentment and spark off revenge attacks. Ordinary people find it hard to know who can be trusted.

  • Pray for our partners as they live with fear surrounding them, that they will continue to work for peace and reconciliation, offering refuge to those displaced and show God’s love in action.
  • Pray for the peace negotiators that they will be given wisdom, boldness and patience.
  • Pray for the leaders to put their responsibilities above personal pride and gain.

Thank you.”