• 06 May 2015

Day of prayer for the South Sudan peace process

As the tragic situation of conflict in South Sudan moves into its 17th month, the World Council of Churches (WCC) invites its member churches to a special day of prayer on Sunday 10 May, for those affected by the South Sudanese conflict, for the revival of fruitful peace talks, and for new ways ahead.

The WCC has accompanied the churches in South Sudan for more than 40 years. In April this year, the WCC in collaboration with the South Sudan Council of Churches convened twenty church leaders and representatives from South Sudan and Ethiopia along with related agencies in Addis Ababa, to reflect on the tragic situation of conflict in South Sudan, the recent collapse of peace talks among the parties to the conflict, and fresh ways forward.

The WCC now invites churches to share a common prayer on Sunday 10 May for the South Sudan Peace Process. A PowerPoint slideshow and Sudanese hymn are also available here

Prayer with the Church in South Sudan for the people of South Sudan

God our Shepherd,
We give you thanks for your mercy toward the Republic of South Sudan,
for the birth of the nation,
for the freedom to determine the future of the country.
We praise you for your guidance of the people of South Sudan,
for giving them strength and endurance amidst wars and ethnic conflicts.
We thank you for the presence and prophetic role of your churches
and the South Sudan Council of Churches,
for the tireless involvement of the regional and international community
and of all people of good will,
so that peace and justice take root in South Sudan.

God Almighty,
We lament that sustainable peace has not been attained in South Sudan.
People’s lives are in danger,
the whole country cries out in pain.
We pray for leaders of the conflicting parties.
Touch the depths of their being,
so that they may feel your abundant peace and love.
Open their inner eyes,
so that they may see the suffering of ordinary people.
Move their hearts,
so they may have compassion and trust towards their enemies.
Empower them to change their self–interest
into a burning desire to bring reconciliation and peace.
We pray for the church and the South Sudan Council of Churches.
Help them faithfully to proclaim your good news,
to comfort the mourners,
and to be genuine bearers of your love.
Give them prophetic vision and courage
to ensure that the voices of the silent South Sudanese are heard,
to name what is evil in society,
and tirelessly to strive for justice and peace.

Good Shepherd,
we believe that you are always with the people of South Sudan,
ever their refuge and strength,
Even in the darkest moments, you enflame our hopes of resurrection.
We believe that you are leading the people of South Sudan into a green pasture –
a country where peace and love are the foundation of life,
and justice is the basis for their common action.
We pray that you will wipe their tears away and turn fear into joyful celebration,
that you will bless the land of South Sudan abundantly and bring life in fullness for all.
In your mercy, grant our prayer through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever. Amen.