• 11 March 2015

A simple mission idea for Holy Week

On Maundy Thursday each year you’ll find Christians shining shoes for strangers on our high streets. The free shoe shine offers a way of talking to people about Jesus’s washing of the disciples’ feet at the Last Supper – and then telling them the Easter story.

#washday15 is a new campaign from the Church of England that takes the simple act of washing and turns it into an opportunity for service and evangelism. This Holy Week or Maundy Thursday, why not get out into your community and wash – cars, windows, curtains, road signs or pets?

Anything that can be offered as a free gift of love and that makes a difference in the community will do. It’s about showing that Christians not afraid of getting their hands dirty in the service of others.

People of all ages can take part. All it will cost is some time – and a little imagination.

If you’re in search of ideas, have a look at the website www.washday.org which tells you everything you need to know. 

Think what might work in your community. And then pick up your sponges and wash – and please share pictures on the website, follow the campaign on Twitter (@washday15) and tweet using the hashtag #washday15 to inspire others.