• 23 February 2015

Egypt. Lord have mercy

Ramez Atallah, General Director of the Bible Society in Egypt (BSE) has called for prayer following the brutal killing of the 21 young Christian men by ISIS in Libya just over a week ago. 

These men were simple labourers who had gone to Libya to work to support their families. With Egypt just ending 7 days of official mourning for these men, families and communities are reeling, knowing their son, father, friend, bread–winner… will never return home. 

Ramez wrote: As I arrived at the Bible Society office in the morning, feeling sad and depressed, I met a young co–worker who told me that she was “very encouraged.” I could not imagine what on earth could encourage her! 

“I am encouraged” she said, “because now I know that what we have been taught in history books about Egyptian Christians being martyred for their faith is not just history, but that there are Christians today who are brave enough to face death rather than deny their Lord! When I saw these young men praying as they were being prepared for execution and then many of them shouting “O Lord Jesus” as their throats were being slit, I realized that the Gospel message can still help us to hold on to the promises of God even when facing death!” 

Please pray

  • For comfort for the families of the victims who are in a terrible emotional state. 
  • For the effective distribution of one million copies of a Scripture tract that BSE have rushed out within 96 hours of the tragedy (pictured) so that God’s Word will comfort and challenge the many who will receive it. 

Ramez reports news of more Egyptians being kidnapped in Libya. Lord have mercy.