• 08 October 2014

SEARCH– A Church of Ireland Journal to re–launch in October

Actually reading print on paper might seem to some to be an old–fashioned occupation, but the editorial team at SEARCH– A Church of Ireland Journal is convinced that “screen–weariness” is setting in and that well produced print communication is due for a come–back.

So while SEARCH is updating its website, adding more information, easier payment methods and Facebook and Twitter feeds, it is also about to launch a redesigned paper edition. This will feature its usual mix of church and faith–related articles, aiming to stimulate discussion and fresh thinking in the C of I and beyond. But the articles will on the whole be shorter, more varied, and easier on the eye. Contributors will range from key figures in church life at home and abroad to recent graduates taking their first steps into print. “We aim to foster new talent as well as soliciting wisdom from the ‘elders’,” says editor Canon Ginnie Kennerley.

Two major launches, in Dublin and Belfast, are planned in chaplaincy premises of TCD and QUB: the first on October 16 at 5.45 pm in the Gallery Chapel, where the speaker will be Mr Adrian Clements, Chief Officer of the RCB, and the second on October 27 at 4.00 pm at 22 Elmwood Avenue, where Bishop Harold Miller will welcome those attending. 

The fresh–off–the–press autumn edition will be available at both events, along with favourable deals for new subscribers and some cut–price back numbers. All those interested in exploring current theological, biblical and social issues in the Church are warmly invited to these events.