The United Diocese of Down And Dromore


Bishop Harold’s Christmas Eve Sermon

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Forgiveness was the theme of Bishop Harold’s Christmas Eve sermon, preached at midnight communion at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, 24 December 2013.

The Bishop gave three pictures of Christian forgiveness and spoke of how God, ‘invites us to receive his outrageous statement that forgiveness is always available in Christ.’

He continued: ‘But it also means that the forgiving grace of Christmas challenges us to live in a different and a dangerous way, receiving and loving others who have hurt, offended and damaged us. That’s a big challenge for Northern Ireland in the days of Haass and especially for those who dare to receive the forgiveness of Christ and who, as his disciples are required to pass it on to others.’

Read the full transcript, downloadable as a PDF, here.

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