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St Christopher’s

St Christopher’s in Mersey Street, is part of the Parish of Ballymacarrett. We don’t quite fit the parish model, so we describe ourselves as “missional community of faith”. The name describes the process of starting a new church and the primary focus being mission rather than gathering.


Our values are: 

  • We exist primarily for those who are not yet part of us.
  • We are the family you have always been looking for.
  • We are committed to intentional discipleship

We are trying to be a network of missionaries who extend the kingdom of God all across our city and beyond – some in healing ministry (doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, paramedics), teaching ministry (teachers, classroom assistants, lecturers, trainers), prophetic ministry (writers, journalists, performers, composers), evangelistic ministry (painters, PR, web designers, photographers), pastoral ministry (business people, trades people, professionals, sports people), and many more.



St Christopher’s is located in Mersey Street, inner east Belfast.  From the M3 bridge towards City Airport turn off at Dee St bridge (just after Odyssey).  Cross the bridge and trun first left.


From Newtownards Road, turn down Dee St and then right onto Mersey Street after sharp S bend.

Community Coordinator: Louise Ferguson

General Enquiries


Sunday Services

Coming to a “church service” is not the usual starting point in a missional community.  If you would like to be part of supporting people in need why not call in to The Larder (Tues and Fri mornings 10–12, and Thurs evenings 7.00–8.00).

If helping to build a better community is your interest, why not try the community association on the third Wednesday of every month.

If you like to get your hands dirty and spend time outdoors contact us about the community allotments.

Participating is always possible at various times and in various ways – gardening, shelf sorting, cleaning, arts, crafts, fund–raising, cooking…always worth an email or phone call first.


St Christopher’s, 70 Mersey Street, Belfast, BT4 1EW.

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