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Belfast: Titanic

  • Stephen McIlwaine, Café Manager

The Dock Cafe at the Titanic Quarter, Mondays to Saturdays, 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

2k Queen’s Road, Belfast BT9 3DT


Run by teams of volunteers, The Dock Cafe, Belfast’s only Honesty Cafe, serves up a never–ending supply of award–winning locally sourced Sukí teas, freshly ground DOCK blend and guest coffees and tasty soups, scones and bakes. There is plenty of space to relax on a comfy sofa, and free wi–fi to catch up on work.

There is no price list; instead, we have an honesty box and let our customers choose what to pay.

We have a Prayer Garden and Dock Chaplains who will be happy to chat and pray with you.

Visit our website to find out the full story!



You can access the Titanic Quarter from Belfast’s A2 (Sydenham Bypass) heading for Bangor when leaving the City Centre. The Odyssey Arena is a good landmark, sitting at one end of the parish.

The Dock Cafe is at the bottom of the Arc Apartments right on the corner of a pedestrianised area.

Cafe Manager: Stephen McIlwaine
Development Coordinator: Joachim Speier

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, , BT3 9DH.

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