Prayers for our new Bishop

Bishop David was consecrated on Saturday 25 January 2020. We pray for him as he embarks upon his episcopal ministry.

Rt Revd David McClay, Bishop of Down & Dromore
Rt Revd David McClay, Bishop of Down & Dromore
  • Please pray for David’s wife Hilary and their family; daughter Cherith, her husband Ciaran and their daughter Annie; daughter Ruth and her husband Matthew; son Jordan.
  • For David, Hilary and Jordan as they adjust to life in their temporary home before moving to the See House in the autumn of 2020.
  • For David as he listens to God for guidance in planning an episcopal visitation of the whole Diocese.
  • For David’s teaching and evangelism as ministry in the Diocese unfolds.
  • For David’s encouraging, pastoring and equipping of clergy and others in leadership.
  • For the putting in place of fresh structures to strengthen mission and ministry in the Diocese.
  • For the Diocesan staff team as they transition to David’s leadership.
  • For a culture of prayer and dependence on God to mark the commencement of David’s episcopal ministry.
  • For the shaping of Diocesan events in 2020 including a week of Bible teaching and a Diocesan Clergy and Leadership Conference.
  • For David’s leadership to be marked by godliness, courage and missional zeal.
  • For the parishes of Willowfield and St Clements as a new rector is sought for Willowfield.