Bible Week

At the end of August/start of September the diocese hosts an annual Bible Week with teaching, worship and ministry. It’s an opportunity for encouragement and refreshment as the autumn term begins.  

Revd John Coles
Revd John Coles

The theme for Bible Week 2022 was Forward, Together when our speaker, Revd John Coles, looked at 4 ways the mission of God advances. Watch the talks on YouTube at the links below:

    Bible Week 2023 (29 August – 1 September 2023)

    We’re delighted that Revd Greg Downes will be our speaker at Bible Week 2023. Greg is now a full–time evangelist but until very recently, he was Director of Ministerial Training and Dean of the Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement at Wycliffe Hall Oxford.

    Greg will also be with us for the month of September 2023 when he will engage in mission throughout the diocese.